Tips for Travelling the World in a Campervan

By Dave Webb on March 30th, 2021

For many, the idea to travel the world in a campervan is not a new concept, but it has become more of a craze in recent years. Perfect for both short and long-haul trips, you can save huge amounts of money on accommodation which can instead be spent on enjoying your holiday to its full potential and indulging in luxury foods and fun activities. Exploring new places from the comfort of your own converted vehicle comes with the added bonus of complete freedom and eliminates the stress of relying on other modes of transport like trains, aeroplanes, and taxis. While there are endless appealing qualities to campervan trips, adjusting to this type of lifestyle can sometimes be tricky for beginners. We have put together a guide full of essential tips and advice to help you complete this bucket list holiday idea with ease.

Don’t Over Pack


While it is vital for you to make sure you remember everything you might need; it is just as important that you don’t over pack. Begin by making a list of all the items you think you’ll need to take but bear in mind that you have limited space and it could make the experience less enjoyable if your living space is overcrowded. Your list should include weather appropriate clothing, toiletries, food to cook and to have while you’re on the go, phone charger, torch, sun cream, bedding, towels, matches, bug repellent, sandwich bags, baby wipes, and cooking utensils. Consider whether your trip will be lessened without additional items before deciding to pack them or not.

Be Flexible

flexibility and travelling

Travelling in a campervan is very different to a normal holiday in the sense that you are often able to experience a whole lot more. There are no strict schedules to follow so try to ‘go with the flow’ and appreciate the freedom that motor home holidays provide. If you come across a place that you fall in love with, allow yourself to stay there longer than you had originally intended to and vice versa.

Plan Some Meals

Before you start your adventure, it is best to calculate how many meals you’re going to need for the duration of time that you plan to travel for. While there’s no need to have an exact schedule of what you will eat day to day, it is beneficial to come up with a few dishes that are easy to make, filling, and nutritional so you at least have an idea of what you can eat. This will ensure that you don’t go hungry and you can be confident that when you buy all your shopping at the start of the trip, you won’t forget any crucial ingredients.

Make Sure You Can Drive

People often don’t realise how different driving a campervan is to driving a regular car. This is clearly the most important part of the trip because if you can’t drive the van then there won’t be much of a holiday! The vehicles come both manual and automatic so you can select whichever is best to suit your needs and driving ability. You may need to practise prior to setting off on your journey in order to get to grips with the larger size and turning radius.

Bring Pleasant Company

friends travelling

One of the things people can struggle with on the road is the lack of personal space. Sharing this experience with someone can bring you more enjoyment but comes with the downside of having to live in such close proximity with that person. Make sure your road trip companion is someone that you get along with extremely well and are comfortable around.

Lock Up

It is common for people to get nonchalant on the road and can neglect locking up the campervan from time to time. You should make sure you always secure your van before leaving to go on a hike or explore a nearby town because you never know what could happen to your possessions.

Keep an Eye on Your Fuel

fuelling your car

Petrol stations are not as frequent as you might think, and it is possible to ignore your campervans fuel level when conversing with a friend or singing along to music when driving. Make sure you calculate how far each tank of petrol will get you and plan your trip accordingly.

Tell Somebody Your Route

In case of an emergency or if something happens to go wrong, it is always good to have someone you trust to know your whereabouts. Whether you are able to share your location from your smartphone or you give daily updates on your plans, it can bring you comfort and make you feel safe knowing that someone who cares about you knows exactly where you are.

Written by

Dave Webb

Redline Campers