The Best Accessories For Making The Most Of A Campervan

By Dave Webb on July 26th, 2021

While campervans are our own personal getaways on wheels, there are still some things you can add to make your touring and #vanlife complete. Whether you’ve taken the plunge into purchasing a brand new T6.1 campervan and you’re looking for other ways to further enhance it, or you’ve owned a camper for years – campervan accessories can make the biggest difference, and enhance our overall experience. We know that having an empty campervan while on the road won’t really be much fun, and by investing in much needed accessories before you jet off on your adventures, it saves you precious time on the road. 

You can dream of living the van life in comfort, style, and plenty of space. So, what are the best accessories for making the most of a campervan?


Campervan awnings are ultimately the first accessory camper owners look at. Choosing your awning should be based on how you camp and what you want from an awning. Evidently, the popular reason for this accessory is to provide more space, as well as providing shelter from rain / sun. Roll out awnings are permanently fitted to the side of your van, and you can easily wind it out with a handle that slots in at one end. For many campers in the UK, these are installed as standard.

There are different types of camper awnings, so be sure to look at these properly and decide whether they meet your requirements and what you’re wanting out of it.

2.Portable Outdoor Shower

portable outdoor shower

Travelling on the road does have it’s perks with freedom and flexibility, but there are various obstacles we need to overcome and adapt to. While caravans and motorhomes have the luxury of shower rooms, campers do not include a shower – so a portable one it is! If you are making pit stops at caravan or camping sites, some will have shower blocks so you’re able to take a shower easily. However, portable showers are designed to help you when you don’t have access to these luxury amenities on camping sites. 

They are easy to use, all that is required is a place high enough where you can attach the system to in order for the water to flow out effectively. We know that some of us can’t stand cold showers in the morning, and if this is the case you can opt for a 12V or solar powered option that will make showers much more bearable and comfortable!

3.Portable Lighting

When you’re camping, lighting can sometimes become a bit of an issue and we’re not just talking about inside! Outside lighting is what you’ll struggle with the most, and it isn’t really ideal to have a romantic meal in the darkness! 

Investing in portable lighting is affordable, and enhances the overall atmosphere of evening dinners, or drinks with your friends as you attempt to toast marshmallows on the portable barbecue. We recommend purchasing LED portable lamps, torches, or headlamps (if necessary). These items are relatively small so they don’t take too much storage space, but remember with LED lamps and lights to purchase back up batteries in case you run out!

4.Fold Out Furniture

folding furniture

Fold out furniture is a must when you’re on your travels – its flexible, low on storage space and easy to use! You can zip around the coast, or the countryside and park up anywhere that catches your eye to fully take in the view while having an impromptu dinner. 

Fold out furniture and picnic sets are extremely versatile and durable, and they are an indispensable item to have while you travel. Furthermore, basking in a comfortable desk chair or even a hammock with an ice cold drink just screams summer, whether you’re at a favourite beach, campsite, festival or even in your garden! It’s time to breathe in the sunshine (or the cold depending on what season you travel). 

5.Solar Charger

Although this isn’t a popular accessory for many travellers, it’s a very useful one at that. This is extremely useful if you’re going to be using your smartphone, tablet ad other electronics. The charger can be attached to backpacks to charge up devices at the same time. So, you can take advantage of the sun and have it help power up your charger the natural way. You can find these online at an affordable price, like this one on Amazon.

6.Levelling Ramps

Levelling ramps are essential if you don’t want to be sleeping on an angle every single night. It’s not guaranteed that your campsites have an even ground, although the majority will take care of their ground to reduce the need for ramps. 

Be careful when buying a set of ramps as you should consider three main things: the type of the vehicle, the weight of the vehicle, and the size of it. If you’re unsure on how to use campervan levelling ramps, check out this video on how to use them

Written by

Dave Webb

Redline Campers