Sell Your Campervan: Our Best Tips

By Dave Webb on September 21st, 2023

There’s nothing like hitting the open road with your campervan filled with family and friends, but there comes a time when you have to step back from that wild life and set routes.

One day, you’re discovering the astonishing Scottish highlands working remotely, and then back to the daily life of rushing to buy overpriced coffee the next as you’re late for work. But that’s exactly what you missed!

Ready to turn your campervan into cash? Explore our comprehensive guide and start the selling process today!

Do You Need to Sell Your Campervan?

Have you actually considered why you’re selling your campervan? Maybe you need to cut down on finances, pay debts, support tuition, or you just don’t use it anymore… But instead of outright selling your campervan, why not rent it out? This way, you can cut down on costs and make money at the same time.

The Guardian has a great list of rental companies in the UK, so you can cut down on costs and make money from your unused campervan at the same time!

Preparing to Sell Your Campervan

If you’ve made the decision to sell your campervan, we’ll stand by you every step of the way. Here are some things to consider before you put it on the market:

How Much Should You Sell Your Campervan For?

As tempting as it sounds, we advise you to get an appraisal before you put it on the market. 

If you’re not a professional campervan dealer, the likelihood is you’re either pricing it too high or too low. And remember, how much you bought it for back in the day could be completely different to nowadays. Have you renovated it since? Or the opposite, has it been damaged? 

Don’t be afraid to consult campervan dealers for valuations as it’s no obligation to sell your campervan to them if you change your mind or just don’t want to sell to them.

At Redline Campers, we offer free, zero-obligation valuations on all campervans. Give us as much information as possible, and we’ll get back to you with an appraisal from a member of our trusted and experienced team.

What Should You Clean?

We recommend you clean your campervan through-and-through using specialised products, but soapy water will do the trick if you’re looking for a quick and affordable sale. Here are some things to consider cleaning and checking:

  • Exterior: roof, windows and doors
  • Empty water, toilet and waste tanks
  • Clear all storage space
  • Decontaminate all appliances: toilet, shower, sink, washer/dryer, refrigerator, oven and stove
  • Decontaminate frequently-used areas, such as seats, seatbelts, steering wheel, handbrake, gear stick, and the dashboard
  • Dust curtains and blinds
  • Ensure all keys are on one chain and none are missing, and the keys and locks are not rusty or blocked
  • Polish scuff marks, exterior and windows to make them shine
  • Repair all dents and little jobs (but be honest with the buyer if you’re not planning to take out any repairs)
  • Check all appliances and light bulbs work

What Photo Shots Do You Need?

You don’t need a professional camera to take great photos of your campervan, but it doesn’t hurt to have a phone with decent quality. Try to avoid portrait and strangely angled shots, and opt for wide shots instead.

But what shots do you need? If you were buying a campervan, what areas would you want to see? Think about prospective buyers visiting from afar who need the trust of detailed photos. We recommend taking photos of:

  • The exterior from the side, front and back
  • The entire shot of the interior
  • Any key features, such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, workspace, dining area, and storage
  • Plugs and appliance brands
  • Any damage

What Documents Will You Need?

Selling your campervan isn’t as easy as taking some photos and putting it straight onto the market. There’s a lot of paperwork involved to ensure your sale and vehicle are legal. You’ll need the following documents:

How to Sell Your Campervan

Now that your campervan is prepared to go onto the market, have you thought about when and where to sell it? Here are some things to consider before listing:

When is the Best Time to Sell Your Campervan?

While you can sell your campervan all year round, spring and summer are the best times to put it on the market. People want their campervan ready for the start of sunny weather, but if your vehicle needs restoration before it can drive, it’s best to sell it during the colder months. This enables the buyer to get it in a driveable state and not lose any of their holiday.

How long will it take to sell it?

Depending on its condition, and when and where you sell your campervan, it could be anywhere from a few days to a few months. There are dealers willing to offer a base price who will instantly take your campervan, no matter how damaged it is. But it could take several weeks if you’re selling it privately.

Where Can You Sell it?

There are plenty of ways to sell your campervan, so we recommend researching the different options to find the right one for you. Here’s where you can sell them:

  • Through an agent
  • At an auction
  • To a campervan dealer/company
  • Forums, social media, newspapers, and magazines
  • Official online markets, such as Meta (Facebook) and Gumtree
  • Word of mouth
  • Car shows
  • At home with a sign
  • Privately

What Should You Look Out For?

Whatever way you choose to sell your campervan, remain vigilant of scams, such as fraud. You may agree on price, but see that it decreases as the buyer tries to find excuses why it’s not worth the original. You know what your campervan is worth. Afterall, you had it valued, so don’t fall for their excuses.

It’s also been known for ‘prospective buyers’ to ask for a test drive, but they drive off and the owner never gets their vehicle back. Instead of risking a call to the police and losing thousands, don’t offer a test drive unless you’re in the car – whether that’s you driving or you’re in the passenger seat.

Dealers often offer a base price because they’ll resell it. However, your campervan will likely sell for more privately. If your vehicle is valued at £30,000, you don’t need to sell it for any less, but be aware that some buyers may not show up to viewings and drop out at the last minute at any agreed price.

Lastly, be ready to answer questions. No matter where you sell your campervan, the buyer will have questions. What did you ask when you first bought it? They’ll often want to know about its age, model, mileage, damage, features, and the price. And some prospective buyers want to know the history of the van, so take the time to make that sale.

After You Sell Your Campervan

Before selling your campervan, we recommend researching different payment methods to check fees and security. If you’re accepting cash, check every single note, no matter how long it takes. Likewise, a bank transfer is the best alternative because the money will be cleared quickly compared to third party sites, such as PayPal.

Now that you’ve sold it, did you remember to get a receipt? While you may not have a physical or email receipt, you’ll have to organise two copies of the sales invoice (date, product, price, seller and buyer), terms and conditions, and yours and the buyer’s signature. Separately, you’ll need to transfer the ownership in the logbook and let the DVLA know.

Once the money has cleared and the receipts are printed, your campervan is ready to go to its new home. But don’t be sad, it can look forward to many new adventures!

So, have you sold your campervan? Upgrade to a brand-new adventure with Redline Campers! Explore our latest models and pre-owned stock, or contact us with any questions about our services.

Written by

Dave Webb

Redline Campers