The Ultimate Guide to Campervan Clothes Storage

By Dave Webb on October 9th, 2023

Ready to revolutionise your campervan clothes storage, but don’t know where to start? Are you in need of campervan clothes storage ideas? Just imagine: you’ve planned your dream staycation in the UK, starting in the Scottish Highlands and ending on the cobblestone streets of Bath…

But you’ve forgotten to pack a heavy-duty coat in case of rain and there’s no space left for souvenirs. Be that as it may, you’ve still had a great time, but wouldn’t it be even better if you had that extra day or storage?

Whether you have specified clothes storage in your campervan or a bunch of empty kitchen cupboards, we will help you pack everything you need for your journey, including where to put it and space-saving hacks. 

Say ‘goodbye’ to worrying about fitting an entire household worth of clothes, and ‘hello’ to an array of tips and tricks when you read our ultimate campervan clothes storage guide.

Campervan Clothes Storage Ideas

Clothes storage in your campervan may seem impossible, but we’ve got a solution. Just as you would store things at home, your head may go straight to ‘wardrobe’. There’s more space in a house, even a flat, than a campervan, but that just gives you the opportunity to find creative ways to store your clothes.

Here are our creative campervan clothes storage ideas:

Boxes, Baskets and Chests

This method is perfect for small, delicate items that you need to separate, such as jewellery and underwear. Whereas, chests can be lockable for anyone wanting to hide their snacks or keep chokeable items away from children.

An elegant box, basket or chest goes a long way in making your space look organised. Not to mention, they catch spillages, making your space easier to clean, and they slot in cupboards easily so you can get to your chosen product without taking out every item.


Got a kitchen cupboard you’re not using? Just want to throw your clothes in without showing people your lazy side (or that you’ve got no time)? Besides reducing your guilt for not organising your clothes, cupboards provide a big amount of space with shelves. They’re perfect for separating your trousers from your shirts, and you can label each door.


While drawers are ideal, it may not be possible to fit an entire set in a small space. However, this is your best bet for anyone who packs their entire wardrobe and values organisation. But be aware you may have to give something up in return, like a living area or kitchen storage.

Hooks for Campervans

Likely the most underrated, forgettable method of storage, hooks are your best friend for campervan clothes storage. Need to quickly grab a jacket to cover from the rain? Need a towel or robe after showering? Hooks have got you covered. You can place them literally anywhere, buy them from any store, and they’re cost-effective and easy to put up.


This kooky trick guarantees you make the most of your space. Remember when you were younger and had nets on your door or ceiling carrying your teddies? Take this piece of nostalgia with you and fill it with new memories instead, whether that’s a souvenir from each destination, or a handy shoe, bag or hat rack.

Overhead Cabinets and Shelves

You’ve probably noticed having overhead cabinets above your bed and seats is better than having a bedside table and common in campervans. This is because you have easy access to your clothes and can organise room-by-room. Whereas, shelves are great for carrying accessories if you don’t have hooks.

Campervan Wardrobe

Somewhat of a luxury, a wardrobe is perfect for solo travellers or couples that value clothing more than kitchen supplies. They take up a lot of space in the sense half your wall is taken by a few hanging shirts. However, building shelves or slotting in baskets alongside this ensures you make the most of your space, but it does require more DIY.

Underneath seats

While we don’t recommend this as a primary method, you can use your seating as storage. Have a few extra bits that just won’t fit? Slot them underneath the passenger seat (not the driver’s seat), but be aware they might get a little dirty if they’re not wrapped nicely.

Run Out of Clothes Storage? Worst-Case Scenario

If you’ve completely run out of clothes storage in your campervan, you can put your belongings in carrier bags and washing baskets on the floor, seating areas, bed, sink, anywhere you can think of. Just be careful not to trip and you should be set to go.

Space-Saving Campervan Ideas

You’ve identified all your campervan clothes storage methods, but don’t pack just yet. Here’s how you can save space while packing and storing your clothes:

Pack Intelligently

Consider everything you need to take and how you’re going to organise it before you store it. Determine where the best place is for each section. For example, baby clothes can easily fit into baskets, but adult clothes require more space, such as drawers.

If you’ve got extra things, such as makeup or a formal set of clothes, consider this a luxury and see if there’s any leftover space at the end of packing. Think about whether you really need that accessory or if you need spare clothes, and check the weather forecast too.

Pack Diligently

We know keeping everyone’s items together is ideal, so ensure everyone is taking the same amount and it’s labelled so everyone knows where their clothes are. Try not to crush clothing or fold them much as you won’t have access to a steamer or iron to reduce wrinkles.


You can buy multi hangers online for all your clothing and accessories, whether that’s layering shirts on shirts down to the ground, or having an entire outfit on one hanger.

Roll Clothes for Packing

Another great way to reduce wrinkles and space, rolling your clothes allows you to pack more than you could’ve before. In fact, why not learn how to fold clothes with Marie Kondo?


This method may seem a little crazy, but consider it as another worst-case scenario. Stuff cushions with spare clothes, blankets or scarfs. Similarly, stuff bags into each other when you’re not using them.

Even when you’ve packed and stored everything into your campervan, you’ll still find things you’re forgetting and don’t really need too. This is where your spare storage and worst-case scenarios come into play, so don’t panic and remember you can always purchase extra items if necessary.

When it comes to campervan clothes storage, thinking outside the box can lead to some ingenious ideas. If you’ve packed all the essentials and you’re in need of extra storage, explore our new and pre-loved stock to find the campervan upgrade you deserve.

Alternatively, contact our knowledgeable team at Redline Campers today with any questions and we’ll be happy to help!

Written by

Dave Webb

Redline Campers