VDubRadio Broadcast Live From Redline Campers!

By Dean Ronnie on May 20th, 2024

In case you missed it, yesterday (19/05/24), Redline had the honour of playing host to DJ Victoria Whitehouse’s Rattling Dubs show on VDubRadio.

Broadcasting her 11:00 am show live from her own Redline camper at our Daventry site, the show saw Victoria playing her usual eclectic mix of music and engaging in VW camper-related chat. In a break from the norm though, she used our location to give the show somewhat of a Redline theme. 

Using yesterday’s show to discuss all things Redline-related, throughout the 2 hour broadcast, Victoria spoke to fellow Redline owners, toured the Redline workshop, saw campervans being converted, and interviewed Redline director, Mark Turley.

During Mark’s interview, he spoke about the origins of Redline, what drove Redline to be different, and how Redline went from a retailer of campervans from other converters to a complete manufacturer of its own campervan range.

Taking place after our first ever ‘Redline On The Road’ owner’s group campout, Victoria used the rest of the show to provide others with an insight into the Redline brand.

As a Redline owner herself, we are aware of Victoria’s love for our brand. Particularly, because she has now purchased two VW campervans from us. However, we are honoured that she chose to broadcast live from our Daventry branch and discuss Redline in such detail on her show.

We were also honoured to hear other Redline customers discuss their love for our brand too, with one customer even mentioning how owning a Redline campervan has changed their life. Elsewhere, other customers mentioned the quality of the conversion and the initial sales process that made Redline stand out as a brand.

Broadcasting 24/7 365 days a year, VDubRadio has built up a global following since it was launched and has captured the imagination of the Volkswagen and camping community around the world. You will often find the radio station broadcasting from all of the major VW festivals across Europe and the station has even been booked by Volkswagen itself.

If you missed DJ Victoria Whitehouse’s Rattling Dubs show on VDubRadio yesterday, you can listen back to this using the player below.

Written by

Dean Ronnie

Redline Campers