Looking Back At Our First Redline On The Road Event

By Dean Ronnie on June 28th, 2024

The weekend of May 18th/19th saw our ever-growing owner’s group, Redline On The Road, hold its first-ever event, and we can report it was a success! Now, just over a month later, we’ve collated the pictures from the event, gathered the thoughts from the attendees, and thought it was time for a look back…

Held at Foxholes Camping in Crick, the event comprised a campout and a night of catching up with like-minded individuals for owners of our Redline Campers’ campervans. With the campsite only being a few miles from our branch in Daventry and the place where Redline Campers campervans are built, we also opened up our factory for the owners too.

Beyond the billed events, the campout also saw Redline Campers’ Daventry branch playing host to DJ Victoria Whitehouse’s Rattling Dubs show on VDubRadio. Whilst somewhat of a last minute addition to the schedule for the weekend, it was a very well-received addition due to Victoria being a Redline owner herself. Broadcasting her usual 11:00 am show live from her own Redline camper on-site at our Daventry branch, Victoria treated listeners to an eclectic mix of music and engaged in VW camper-related chat. In a break from the norm though, this was fused with a Redline theme, as she reported on the weekend’s goings on between songs.

DJ Victoria Whitehouse Broadcasting Live From Redline Campers

With nothing but positive feedback for the event, it was decided before the first event had even finished that there will be another one! With the Redline On The Road membership growing at an incredible rate, we’re sure that these events will quickly become a regular thing. In the meantime, take a look at some pictures from the first event and read the positive comments we received from attendees:

What an amazing weekend at the inaugural Redline Campers campout at Crick. Was great to meet other Redline owners and share tips and just hang out. This won’t be the last, so watch this space as we look to start planning another one 😊😊

Jonathan Shaw

Thank you for a fantastic weekend, it was great to meet fellow Redline owners and what a great way to spend our first night in “Ravenna”. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you to Redline Campers for organising a great weekend and making us spend money in the first place 🤣

Katy-Felicity Butler-Brown

Thanks all 🙏🏻we had a great weekend and glad we were a part of it ❤️

Victoria Whitehouse

Thank you for a Great weekend Redline was great meeting up with some fellow Redliners and what a fantastic bunch they all are.

Scott Tovey

Thank you everyone for a great weekend. It was wonderful to meet you all and share experiences.
A big thank you to all at Redline for welcoming us to the factory, putting on such an impressive display and inviting our feedback on how we believe the campers could be improved
We look forward to the next event.

Malcolm Gilks

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