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ISO 9001 Certified and Type Approved Campervan Converter

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Red Carpet Camping Since 1971

We are Redline Campers, the dedicated campervan conversion brand of the award-winning leisure vehicle retailer, Venture Caravans.

Established in 1971, our life-long love of the outdoors began when we started selling camping equipment from our headquarters just outside Daventry over 50 years ago. Today, we are one of the UK’s leading campervan conversion companies. We manufacture and retail Type Approved campervans from our own Redline brand, all of which are built in our ISO 9001 certified factory.

A range that’s the result of over 50 years of experience

Over the course of the last 50+ years, our parent company Venture Caravans has been involved with just about every leisure vehicle you can imagine. We’ve sold and camped in motorhomes, caravans, and campervans from brands from around the world. After decades of dealing with industry-leading manufacturers, we knew it was time to launch a brand of our own. With this, our camper conversion company, Redline Campers was born.

Redline Campers takes our enviable 50+ years of experience and combines it with our industry knowledge to deliver a premium campervan range. This range exceeds the expectations of our customers and delivers a product that the rest of the market just cannot compete with.

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About Redline Campers

Campervans developed with innovative and industry-leading appliances and components

Utilising VW and Ford base vehicles, our innovative campervan conversion range comprises four dedicated campervan models and one day van. To create our custom campervan conversions, we utilise both our own and industry-leading appliances and components.

Everything we manufacture ourselves is designed, developed and produced in our own in-house production facility in Daventry. This includes our furniture which is designed and built by skilled craftsmen utilising the latest CNC technology to ensure accuracy and consistent quality. Whilst all of the electrical, plumbing and gas appliance installation and testing is undertaken in the same facility using quality assured materials.

Type Approved campervans built in an ISO 9001 certified factory

Because every campervan and day van in the Redline range has been built by ourselves in our own ISO 9001 certified factory (certificate no: 215265), you can expect consistent quality from vehicle to vehicle. ISO 9001 is an international recognised standard and provides a framework which ensures we’re able to deliver an effective product time after time.

At Redline Campers, the safety and quality of our campervan conversions is of the greatest importance. Out of the thousands of campervan converters operating in the UK, we are amongst only a handful to not only be ISO 9001 certified but to have also been audited by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) for Type Approval through the GB Small Series Type Approval scheme.

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  • About Redline Campers

  • About Redline Campers

  • About Redline Campers

Our campervan conversion range

Our campervan conversion range currently comprises four dedicated campervan models – Sport, Sport XS, Sport SKR, and Sport +, and one day van model, Trekker.

Each of our conversion models can be purchased in one of three different ways. You can either:

  • Purchase one of our models from our forecourt stock
  • Get one of our models built to order with us supplying the base vehicle
  • Supply your own base vehicle for conversion by us

All of the models in the Redline conversion range are available built on VW T6, T6.1 and Ford Transit Custom base vehicles.

Whether you choose the option of an already built Redline campervan, or you choose to spec your own built to order campervan, you can rest assured that our team will be on hand to guide you through every step.

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About Redline Campers

Why choose Redline Campers?

Don’t settle for less, your adventures are worthy of the best. There are thousands of camper conversion companies in the UK, and on the surface some even offer similar campers to Redline. However, our combination of history, heritage, innovation and industry experience sets us apart from the competition.

There are many reasons why you should choose Redline Campers but we believe the following points have the most impact:

  • We are one of the few Type Approved campervan companies in the UK
  • Our entire range is built in-house by us in our ISO 9001 certified production facility
  • We have over 50 years of experience in the leisure vehicle industry
  • All of our models are available on VW T6, T6.1, and Ford Transit Custom base vehicles

We believe in taking each campervan to the redline, which is the max speed an engine is designed to operate at without damaging internal components. Every time you see those red bars at the top of your speedometer and tachometer, you will be reminded that you own the best possible converted campervan. These benefits are layered on top of the world class, unbeatable benefits of a top end camper conversion, including limitless customisation options and the best base vehicles.

Redline Campers combines the ultimate German engineering, finished with passion and finesse by British conversion experts who have experience, insider knowledge and heartfelt dedication to the industry.

Redline Campers vs Other Campervan Converters

  • Redline Campers

    Redline Campervan Conversions

    VW Campervan Conversion
    • Over 95% of our donor vehicles are VW dealer sourced.
    • Our own 2-piece GRP roof with noise reducing spoiler, twin walled polycarbonate Inner panel for superior, strength, insulation, and noise reduction.
    • Heavy duty stainless steel, high lift roof hinges.
    • Exclusive, superior quality, 100% cotton Cabanon canvas scenic canvas with extra-large twin ventilation panels and panoramic front window.
    • Fully glazed, fully tinted windows with twin sliders.
    • Insulated Thermoshield construction.
    • OEM quality carpet lining and vinyl flooring.
    • Removable service panel and OEM trim fixings.
    • Fully tested OEM quality bed and seating system with ISOfix.
    • CNC machined and edge banded furniture with 100’s of colour combinations.
    • Market leading Dometic CRX 50 fridge/freezer.
  • Other Campervan Manufacturers

    Competitor Campervan Conversion
    • Often sourced through auction.
    • One piece single skinned with front rubber seal.
    • Mild steel lightweight roof hinges.
    • Budget unbranded polyester scenic canvas with minimal ventilation.
    • Partially glazed, one slider partially tinted windows.
    • Not insulated.
    • Budget carpet lining and flooring.
    • No service panel and screw fixings.
    • Inferior budget rock and roll bed.
    • Flat packed furniture with knock on edging and minimal colour options.
    • Budget imported fridge freezer.
  • About Redline Campers

  • About Redline Campers

Our branch locations

In addition to the Daventry branch where it all started and where our campervans continue to be built, we also have a branch in Hitchin in Hertfordshire.

See our branch addresses below:


Learn more about our Daventry branch


Learn more about our Hitchin branch

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