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Campervan FAQ’s

Find answers to all you camper related questions below. If you have any additional questions, call us on 01327 530276 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

  • How Much Are VW Camper Vans?

    At the time of writing, our lowest price was £30,750. Paying more will get you more, and we also offer a fully custom conversion service, get a quote for yours on 01327 530276.

  • How Long Is A T5 Campervan?

    VW T5’s and T6’s come in short and long wheelbase form, the short wheelbase models are 4,892mm long, the long wheelbase models are 5,292mm long. Additional features such as tow bars and bike racks may increase the standard length of these vehicles.

  • How Much Is A New VW Camper Van?

    If you are interested in a part or fully customised new VW camper van, call us for a quote on 01327 530276.

  • How Much Is My VW Camper Van Worth?

    We can evaluate how much your campervan is worth, which you may then want to part exchange for a premade or custom camper. Try our online valuation service, which provides a rough estimate, or get in touch for a more thorough consultation on 01327 530 276.

  • Which VW Camper Is Best?

    To find out more about the VW Transporter models, check out our pages for the T5 , T6 & T6.1 where you can also browse premade examples to see the differences for yourself.

  • VW T4 Or T5 Which Is Best?

    We know the T5 is a big upgrade from the T4, so we actually do not use T4 models anymore, only the latest T5, T6 and T6.1 models.

  • Are VW Campers A Good Investment?

    They are a better investment than other campervans because they hold their value more than others over time.

  • Where To Buy VW Camper Van?

    You can buy VW campervans at our two locations. Find out more about our Daventry dealership here and our Hitchin dealership here.

  • What Is The Best Small Campervan To Buy?

    After extensive research over our 50 year history, we know for a fact that the best small campervans are the VW T5 and VW T6, which are both similar, although the T6 is an all round upgrade.

  • What Is a T28, T30 or T32?

    These terms are used by VW on the transporter to indicate the maximum load that can be carried in each vehicle. A T28 has a maximum gross weight of 2.8 tonne or 2,800kg.

  • Which Model VW Transporter Should I Choose? Startline, Trendline or Highline?

    These are VW model names. Each model offers a different level of specification, starting with the Startline and progressing to their top of the range Highline model. The Trendline was a feature of the T5 and T6 releases but is not currently available in the T6.1 range.

  • Do I Want Barn Doors or a Tailgate?

    This is really a matter of personal choice. The barn doors give the ability to open just one side and you don’t need so much space behind you to open them, the Tailgate offers you a nice canopy once the back is opened up. Both door types will take a bike rack, but you must bear in mind that a tailgate will be heavy to open once a bike rack is added – even when there are no bikes on it. Upgraded struts can be added to help with this, but then that can make the tailgate more difficult to pull down.

  • Why are VW Campervan Conversions so Expensive?

    The VW Transporter has established itself as one of the best, driver friendly and desirable vans on the market. It is also known for its robust quality and great residual values. All this does come with a slightly higher base vehicle price. You then have to factor in the conversion, which can be cheap and cheerful, but  for a quality campervan you have to consider that the roof and side panels will need to be skillfully taken out, windows and a pop-top roof fitted to a high standard, the whole back of the vehicle will need lining, flooring, plumbing, electrics (12v and 240v), lighting, kitchen fitted and a quality rear seat that turns into a bed. Again, this can be ‘done on the cheap’ but doing the job right relies on expensive machines, quality practices and skillful craftsmen/women.

  • Which Campervan Bed is Best – Rib, Reimo or Rock’N’Roll?

    There are a lot of campervan beds on the market and which one is best depends on your needs. Below are the fors and againsts for each:

    Rock’N’Roll Bed:

    For: Easy to use, cheaper than the others

    Against: Sleep on the same side as you sit, no Isofix option, it is either up or down with, no in between positions.

    Reimo Bed:

    For: Multiple positions due to it fitting in to sliding floor rails which is ideal for those that want a van in the week and a camper at the weekend, sleep on the back and sit on the front (more even wear), 3 x seats/seatbelts and moveable head rests.

    Against: It does not have an adjustable back rest like the Rib bed system and is a very expensive option.

    Rib bed:

    For: Probably the most popular and most flexible bed system. sleep on the back and sit on the front (more even wear), available as a 2 and a 3 seater, adjustable head rests, fold the back down to make a parcel shelf, multi position back rest when used as a bed, Isofix child seat option available and the seat can slide backwards and forwards buy approx. 20cm.

    Against: More expensive than a Rock ‘N’ Roll bed.

  • What Is the History of the VW Transporter

    T6 / T6.1 (2016 – Current)

    The T6 featured subtle bodywork changes that gave it a more distinct angular bonnet and increased driver safety and more efficient engines. The T6.1 is the latest facelift of the T6 model (released in 2020) and features a new dashboard, electromechanical steering, engine tweaks and a redesigned front end.

    T5 (2003-2015)

    The T5 saw the outside of the vehicle transformed completely, with a more curvaceous, less panel like look.

    T4 (1990-2003)

    The T4 model was the first transporter to have a water-cooled engine at the front of the vehicle. This then meant that you could open the back of the vehicle completely, without an engine in the way, and offer both tailgate and barn door options for a much more practical van. This was also the first variation to offer both long and short wheelbase options.

    T3 (1979-1992)

    The T3 release offered a longer and wider bodied vehicle. It still ran on the air-cooled rear engine as its two predecessors and was the first model to offer the familiar models: the California and the Caravelle.

    T2 (1967-1979)

    The T2 featured the same wheelbase as the T1 but had a longer body with more carrying capacity. It added the now characteristic sliding side door and was the first transporter model to offer a pop-top roof campervan model.

    T1 (1950-1967)

    The T1 was the first edition transporter and was often known as the VW bus, Splitscreen or Splittie. It used the engine and gearbox from the VW Beetle and took VW by surprise, selling more than 100,000 models in less than 4 years and by 1964 over a million VW transporters had been produced.


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