Campervan Jargon Buster

230V Mains Inlet

A 230V mains inlet is the inlet socket used on the side of our campervans to connect an electrical hook-up cable and provide the vehicle with power whilst at UK and European campsites


4Motion is Volkswagen’s permanently engaged four-wheel-drive system, this means engine power is sent to both the front and rear axle rather than just one axle.

This is available as an option on our VW Transporter campervans. Campervans with 4Motion will provide better traction during wet weather, slippery conditions and on varied road surfaces such as gravel.

4motion is a registered trademark of Volkswagen AG and is used exclusively on all Volkswagen-branded vehicles with four-wheel drive (4WD) systems.


An awning is a type of shelter used in conjunction with your campervan. Awnings can either be retractable sun shades that are fitted to the side of the vehicle or they can be freestanding tents called driveaway awnings that are attached to the vehicle to provide extra sleeping, storage and cooking space, and can be left standing whilst the vehicle is elsewhere. All awnings are designed for overhead shelter and protection from the elements. The level of shelter and protection will depend on the type of awning that you choose.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are one of the two door options available on VW Transporters, the other being a tailgate. Barn doors comprise of twin hinged doors which can be opened independently or together, and provide access to the rear of the vehicle.


A berth is the number of sleeping spaces in your campervan. All Redline Campers with a lower folding bed and an upper bed system to the roof tent provide four berths.


BHP stands for brake horsepower and is a measurement of usable power produced by an engine. BHP accounts for power lost due to friction across multiple mechanical components.

Built To Order

Our built-to-order campervans are built to six specific model specifications. These models are the Redline Sport, Redline Sport XS, Redline Sport SKR, Redline Sport + and the Redline Trekker. By choosing our built to order campervan service, you will be able to select the base vehicle (from a choice of VW Transporter or Ford Transit Custom), the base vehicle specification, the Redline model, the vehicle colour, the interior furniture colour, the worktop colour, the flooring, plus a range of other options including wheels, lowering springs, diesel heaters, awnings and solar panels. Campervans built to order are typically available in as little as 4-8 weeks.

Business Pack

Business Pack is an upgrade for Startline trim level VW Transporter T6.1 vans that is specified at the time of the vehicle being produced. This comprises an alarm, air conditioning, and rear parking sensors.


Cabanon is a French tent manufacturer that has been producing tents since 1959. Cabanon exclusively manufacture and supply the roof tent canvas found on the pop-top roofs of campervans from Redline Campers.


A campervan is a type of self-contained vehicle which allows people to comfortably travel, sleep, cook and more. Unlike motorhomes, with a campervan there is generally no divide between the cab and the living quarters. The campervans we offer at Redline Campers are commercial vehicles converted to specific model layouts. Discover our campervans for sale.

Campervan Conversion

A campervan conversion is the conversion of a widely available commercial vehicle, such as a VW Transporter or a Ford Transit Custom, into a leisure vehicle. Using the commercial vehicle as the base for the conversion, a campervan conversion involves the vehicle’s roof being replaced with a pop-top roof and a roof tent, and items such as a bed, furniture, kitchen appliances, and full water, gas and electrics being installed. Discover our Redline campervan conversions.

Carpet Lined

Carpet lined refers to the carpet that is installed to the walls and interior of the vehicle roof throughout a campervan conversion. Carpet lining the vehicle is undertaken to provide a warmer, more comfortable and homely feel, and to replace the bare wood and metal that would otherwise be found in a commercial vehicle.

CNC Machined

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is a manufacturing process that provides quick, yet precise, customisation. It is undertaken by pre-programmed computer software that controls various machinery and is what we utilise to ensure consistency in all of the furniture we install into our campervan conversions.

Dacron Insulation

Dacron is a type of insulation that meets the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations and conforms to BS5852. We utilise this insulation in our campervan conversions to ensure our vehicles are comfortable and suitable for four-season use. By using Dacron insulation in our Redline Campers campervan range we ensure they are resistant to heat transfer, this means that heat loss in colder weather and heat gain in warmer weather are both slowed down.

Day Van

A day van is a vehicle with similar features to a campervan. However, these vehicles are generally more suited to day trips and shorter breaks as whilst they do have beds, they don’t usually have cooking facilities. Our Redline Trekker conversion could be considered a day van.

Daytime Running Lights

Daytime running lights (also known as DRLs) are lights that are designed to make your vehicle more visible in bright, daytime conditions. These are low-energy lights that can be found fitted to the front of our campervans, helping the vehicle to be seen by other road users, cyclists and pedestrians. Usually, these lights turn on automatically when the vehicle’s engine is started.

Delivery Miles

If a vehicle for sale states it has delivery miles only, this means that the vehicle is brand new and the only miles on the clock are those recorded when the vehicle was driven from the factory to our branch location.

Diesel Heater

A diesel heater is a type of heater that uses diesel to heat air and provides warmth in an enclosed space such as a campervan. The air is taken from an external intake pipe, which then passes through the combustion chamber and produces heat.


Dometic is a company that provides appliances for campervans and other leisure vehicles. At Redline Campers, we utilise a range of Dometic products in our campervan conversions, these include fridges, gas hobs, grills and sinks.

Double Passenger Seat

A double passenger seat allows for more people to fit in your campervan. For example, where there may have been a gap or two separate seats, there are now three seats or two conjoined.


Direct shift gearbox (DSG) campervans are easy to control, like an automatic, but run like a manual vehicle. Essentially, it is two separate clutches that work as one, where there is no clutch pedal.

Electric Hookup

An electric hookup is a power outlet commonly found at campsites. It allows you to power the electric appliances in your campervan.

Elevated Roof Lighting

Elevated roof lighting is lighting we install into the roof in our Redline Campers campervan conversions to illuminate the interior of the vehicle.

Floor Level Lighting

Floor level lighting is lighting we install into the floor in our Redline Campers campervan conversions to illuminate the interior of the vehicle.

Ford Transit Custom

The Ford Transit Custom is a mid-sized commercial vehicle that has been produced by Ford since 2012 and is one of the two vehicle types that we utilise as base vehicles for our campervan conversions. Now in its second generation, the latest Ford Transit Custom has been produced since 2023 and is available with a 2.0L diesel engine, a 2.5L petrol hybrid engine, and in 6-speed manual and 8-speed automatic transmissions.

Gas Habitation Certificate

A gas habitation certificate ensures your vehicle and appliances are safe to use after a professional inspection.

Gas Locker

A gas locker is a storage compartment for your campervan’s gas bottle. This mandatory feature is a sealed unit with a vent that allows gas to escape if your bottle suddenly leaks.

Habitation Area

A habitation area is the living space your campervan provides. For example, the bedroom, living, dining and kitchen space.

Habitation Check

A habitation check is an annual inspection that ensures your living areas are safe. As part of this check, the gas, electric and water systems in your campervan will be tested.

Habitation Windows

A habitation window refers to the window installed in the living area of your campervan. This provides light, ventilation and visibility, and transforms the vehicle from looking like a commercial vehicle into a leisure vehicle.


Hardstanding is a type of pitch at a campsite. Typically, this is a hard-surfaced area where your vehicle will park. This reduces the risk of being stuck in mud.


The Highline is a trim level of the VW Transporter. Features the Highline trim level gives you include air conditioning, a heated windscreen, automatic headlights, fog lights, sensors and cruise control.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase (HP) is a finance agreement that can be taken out to pay for our campervans. This finance is available on our new and used campervans. With Hire Purchase, you have the option to pay a deposit and then take out a loan agreement to cover the rest of the cost of the vehicle. This is then paid off with monthly instalments for the duration of the agreement. There will also be the option to repay this early. Learn more about our campervan finance.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management. It is a framework which shows that organisations of all sizes and in all sectors can meet customer expections and demonstrate commitment to quality.


ISOFIX is a standard for the attachment points for fitting child safety seats in passenger vehicles. ISOFIX ensures the seat is secure whilst being easy to fit.

Leisure Battery

A leisure battery is a 12V power source. It can used to power all your campervan’s appliances and features, including lights, kitchen appliances and plug sockets.


LWB stands for long wheelbase. Wheelbase refers to the distance between the centre of the front wheels and the centre of the rear wheels. At Redline Campers, our campervans are available in a choice of two wheelbase options. These are LWB and SWB (short wheelbase). Our LWB VW Transporter T6.1 campervans measure 5.3m in length and our SWB VW Transporter T6.1 campervans measure 4.9m in length. Whilst our LWB Ford Transit Custom campervans also measure 5.3m in length and our SWB Ford Transit Custom campervans also measure 4.9m in length.

Max. Weight

The maximum authorised mass (MAM) is the amount of weight your campervan can carry. If you’re unsure of what this amount this is, this information can be found on your vehicle’s VIN plate.


Mobiframe is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality equipment for campervan conversions. Mobiframe’s products include seats, seatbeds, and swivel seat bases. We use Mobiframe products in our conversions, specifically the Mobiframe 150 3-seater seat/bed with ISOFIX which we install into our Redline Trekker campervan conversions.

National Caravan Council (NCC)

The National Caravan Council (NCC) is a trade association that represents the entire supply chain for the UK caravan and motorhome industries. The NCC ensures business excellence and best practice, whilst protecting the public’s interest and providing peace of mind.

Onboard Water Tank

An on-board water tank is a fillable water source that provides fresh water to the tap in your campervan conversion. Campervans in the Redline Campers range typically have 60-litre onboard water tanks with external filling points.These are ‘underslung’, meaning they are attached to the underside of the vehicle rather than taking up precious room inside the vehicle.

Panel Van

A panel van is a type of light commercial vehicle that does not have side windows and typically won’t have a rear window either. The majority of our campervan conversions start life as a panel van. Often these are brand new vans with delivery miles or less and haven’t been used previously. Panel vans can be seen as a blank canvas for us to transform into campervans. At Redline Campers, we currently use VW T6.1 and Ford Transit Custom panel vans.

Part Exchange

Part exchange is the process of utilising your current vehicle as part payment for one of the campervans we have for sale. By part exchanging your current vehicle, you will be able to reduce the amount of capital that you have to provide upfront for your campervan purchase. At Redline Campers, we accept cars, caravans, motorhomes, motorbikes and campervans in exchange for our campervans. Learn more about campervan part exchange.


PCP stands for personal contract purchase and is a popular type of finance agreement taking out to finance a vehicle. An alternative to hire purchase (HP), PCP typically allows you to purchase a campervan with lower monthly repayments than hire purchase. However, the difference with PCP is that a large proportion of the amount you repay will be deferred into an optional final repayment. As your balance reduces slower than with a Hire Purchase agreement, you are also more likely to pay more interest on a PCP agreement for the same loan amount, term and APR. Learn more about PCP.

Pop Top Roof

A pop top roof is the name for the elevating roof tent that you will find installed to our campervan conversions. Pop top roofs allow for more space to be available inside the campervan. This provides standing room whilst also providing an open feel to the interior. Our pop top roofs are fitted with an upper bed system, which allows two people to sleep in comfort. The tents used in our pop top roofs are manufactured by renowned French tent manufacturer, Cabanon.

Porta Potti

A Porta Potti is a compact, portable toilet situated in your campervan for use when there are no toilets nearby. Depending on how often they are used, they only need emptying after each trip, which takes just a few minutes.

Power Management System

Power management systems are systems specifically manufactured for campervans to control your vehicle’s electrical system and ensure the optimal performance of its installed appliances and equipment. In our Redline Campers campervan conversions, the power management system is controlled by a control panel installed towards the rear of the vehicle. At Redline Campers, we use Sargent power management systems in our campervan conversions.

Redline Classic

The Redline Classic campervan is our standard model suitable for most camping trips. It is available on both VW Transporter T6/T6.1 and Ford Transit Custom platforms with short or long wheelbases. This campervan is fitted with a rock’n’roll bed, a sink with a 10L removable water container, a 12v fridge and freezer and a two-burner gas hob. Learn more about our Redline Classic campervan.

Redline Sport

The Redline Sport campervan is an upgraded version of the popular Classic model. Is it available on both VW Transporter T6/T6.1 and Ford Transit Custom platforms with short or long wheelbases. This campervan features seating and sleeping space for up to four people, a gas grill, improved storage and under-cabinet lighting. It is also fitted with kitchen facilities, a RIB Altair bed, ISOFIX, insulation and many other features. Ideal for small families, this campervan ensures a luxurious camping experience. Learn more about our Redline Sport campervan.

Redline Sport +

The Redline Sport + campervan is an improved version of the Redline Sport. It is available on both the VW Transporter T6/T6.1 and Ford Transit Custom platforms, and in either a short or long wheelbase. It offers premium features such as window pods, Leisuretrac tracking, overhead lockers and LED lighting. Like the original Redline Sport, it provides seating and sleeping space for up to four people, has kitchen facilities, a RIB Altair bed, ISOFIX and insulation. Learn more about our Redline Sport + campervan.

Redline Sport SKR

The Redline Sport SKR is luxury campervan suitable for use by small families and pets. It is available on the VW Transporter T6/T6.1 and Ford Transit Custom platforms using a long wheelbase design. This model offers increased floor space behind the driver’s seat, allowing both front seats to swivel. It features a fully insulated, carpet-lined pull-down double roof bed with a memory foam mattress, a RIB Altair 112 double bed, kitchen facilities and LED lighting. Designed for all-season use, it includes mesh ventilation panels and comes with a 25-metre mains lead, an additional rear view mirror and a sliding table with two attachment rails. Learn more about our Redline Sport SKR campervan.

Redline Sport XS

The Redline Sport XS camper is an ideal campervan for larger groups. It is available on the VW Transporter T6/T6.1 and Ford Transit Custom platforms on either a short or long wheelbase vehicle. It features six seatbelt points and sleeping space for four thanks to two integrated beds, plus the option to add a driveaway awning for extra sleeping space. The Redline Sport XS features kitchen facilities, LED lighting, a sliding table, a three-seater RIB Altair 130 rear seat with ISOFIX, and a pull-down double bed with a memory foam mattress. Fully insulated, it also includes mesh ventilation panels. Learn more about our Redline Sport XS campervan.

Redline Trekker

The Redline Trekker Day Van is perfect for shorter adventures. It is available on the VW T6.1 and Ford Transit Custom platforms. It comfortably transports up to six people and provides sleeping space for four. Ideal for transporting all kinds of equipment such as bikes, paddle boards and kayaks in addition to passengers, the Trekker features a pop top roof, and a sliding bed for additional storage space and closer seating. Fully insulated and equipped with mesh ventilation panels for all-season use, it ensures comfort whether you’re hitting the trails, waves or using it as a daily vehicle. Learn more about the Redline Trekker Day Van.


If you are looking for a luxury experience, a RIB bed is the perfect investment. Imported from France, this product is designed to be a seat during the day and a comfortable bed at night. They are extremely easy to set up and are safe, coming with three-point seat belts and ISOFIX compatibility.

Rock’N’Roll Bed

Rock’N’Roll beds are designed to work as a seat during the day and a bed at night. They are easy to set up; you just have to adjust the lever and pull the rope.

Single Passenger Seat

A single passenger seat is the alternative to a double passenger seat, this comprises a single captain’s seat alongside the driver’s seat in the cab of the campervan.


The Startline is the standard specification of a VW T6.1. Features of Startline vans include Crosswind Assist, Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, Brake Assist system, Electromechanical steering, Colour DAB+ radio system with 6.5 inch touch-screen, electrically adjustable and heated exterior door mirrors, and daytime running lights.

Storage Lockers

Storage lockers comprise part of the furniture we install into our campervan conversions. Allowing us to better utilise the space in the vehicle, these are installed overhead, under the seats and across mulitple other locations across the conversion. Each of these lockers offers versatile storage for a range of items.


SWB stands for short wheelbase. Wheelbase refers to the distance between the centre of the front wheels and the centre of the rear wheels. At Redline Campers, our campervans are available in a choice of two wheelbase options. These are SWB and LWB (long wheelbase). Our SWB VW Transporter T6.1 campervans measure 4.9m in length and our LWB VW Transporter T6.1 campervans measure measure 5.3m in length. Whilst our SWB Ford Transit Custom campervans also measure 4.9m in length and our LWB Ford Transit Custom campervans also measure 5.3m in length.

Swiveling Seat

Swiveling seats are travelling seats that have been fitted to special base plates which allow the seats to rotate whilst the vehicle is stationary. These seats allow you to change the configuration of your campervan during the day whilst at the campsite and make it easier to eat and relax.


A tailgate is one of the two door options available on VW Transporters, the other being barn doors. A tailgate comprises a single hatch which provides entry to the rear of the vehicle.

Touch LED Lighting

Many of our Redline campervan conversions come with touch colour-changing LED lighting. You simply touch the light to turn it on and off. LED lights are much more energy-efficient than standard light bulbs using up to 90% less energy and lasting up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs.

Travelling Seats

A travelling seat is designed and equipped with seat belts to be used while the vehicle is in motion. These seats are securely anchored to the vehicle’s frame and meet safety standards for passenger travel. Campervan travelling seats can often be converted into beds when the vehicle is parked, offering a versatile option for limited space.

Two Tone

Two-tone refers to a paint scheme where two different colours are used on the exterior of a campervan. This creates a visual contrast that adds personality and style to the vehicle.

Type Approved

Type approved is an approval from the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) We’ve been reviewed by the VCA and have been issued with Type Approval through the GB Small Series Type Approval scheme. This means our conversions meet performance, technical, and safety standards set by the Department for Transport (DfT). However, this is not mandatory for campervan converters, so many companies don’t have this approval. Find out more about Type Approval.

Van Shades Window Pods

Vanshades Window Pods are accessories designed specifically for campervans and motorhomes. These pods are installed over the existing windows of the vehicle and offer enhanced privacy, insulation and sun protection.

Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA)

The Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) is an executive agency of the United Kingdom’s Department for Transport. Its primary role is to provide a range of services to ensure the safety, environmental protection, and quality of vehicles and their components. Redline Campers is one of a small handful of campervan converters in the UK to have been audited by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) for Type Approval through the GB Small Series Type Approval scheme..

VW Assist

VW Assist is Volkswagen’s roadside assistance program designed to provide support to drivers in case of emergencies or breakdowns. These include – towing, jump-starting a dead battery, changing a flat tyre and providing assistance if the keys are locked inside the vehicle.

VW Transporter

The VW Transporter is a van series that has been produced by Volkswagen for over 70 years. The Transporter has undergone numerous updates and redesigns over the years, and the generations are sequentially named T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, and T6.1. The latest generation of VW Transporter, the T7 is due to launch in early 2025.

VW Transporter T6

The VW Transporter T6 is the sixth generation of the Volkswagen Transporter series, following the T5 generation. The T6 offers various improvements over its predecessor, including updated styling, enhanced interior features, improved fuel efficiency, and upgraded technology options. See our VW T6 campervans.

VW Transporter T6.1

The VW Transporter T6.1 is a facelifted version of the sixth generation of the Volkswagen Transporter series, which offers a number of other benefits. This was first produced in 2019. Arguably, the most popular vehicle used for campervan conversions, It offer various improvements over the T6 model including a refreshed exterior styling, a revised interior and upgrades to the technology systems available on the vehicle. See our VW T6.1 campervans.

VW Transporter T7

The VW T7 is the upcoming 7th generation of the iconic Volkswagen Transporter. Unlike previous generations of the Transporter, the VW T7 will be built as part of a joint venture with Ford. This will see the VW T7 and Ford Transit Custom sharing the same chassis, components and technology.

It is estimated to become available as a commercial vehicle at the start of 2025 and available as a campervan at Redline Campers shortly after. Keep an eye on our VW T7 campervans for sale page to find out more.

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