Should I Choose A VW Campervan With Barn Doors or a Tailgate?

Whether you choose a VW campervan with barn doors or a tailgate will largely come down to personal choice. Both of these rear opening types have their advantages. Below, we have listed some of these advantages:

Barn Doors

  • Offers the ability to open just one side which can be handy to stop things falling out when the rear of your campervan is packed full
  • Easier to close for shorter people
  • Can be opened more easily in areas with restricted space, meaning you don’t have to leave such a big gap behind you when parking
  • Offers the ability to use a bike rack


  • Provides a canopy to shelter beneath when opened up
  • Offers enhanced rear visibility
  • Allows a tailgate tent or awning to be attached to the rear
  • Offers the ability to use a bike rack

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