What is the Best Van for Camper Conversion?

By Dave Webb on August 29th, 2019

Are you new to campervan ownership, maybe having previously towed a caravan or simply camped out in tents, and are considering changing the way you explore the great outdoors? In which case you may be considering either buying a ready converted camper van or maybe thinking of converting it yourself. Understandingly, the big question that a lot of people ask is ‘What is the Best Van for Camper Conversion?’ Here at Redline Campervan Conversions we asked ourselves that very question many years ago, and the answer we came up with is that we think the Volkswagen Transporter van is best suited to camper van conversion. Let’s explain why!

Firstly, no other type of camper van carries the same iconic status as the VW campervan! Whenever you think of touring the countryside, heading to the beach or just taking a short break the image of the original VW T1 Transporter Camper Van, known affectionately as the Splitscreen or Splitty, is synonymous with campervans, so you are effectively buying a piece of history! The VW Camper van originally dates back to 1950 when the very first Volkswagen T1 Transporter was launched and was immediately regarded as the perfect van to convert into a camper van! Nowadays the Volkswagen T6, launched in 2015, is the cornerstone of our latest VW campervan designs here at Redline.


The reason why we prefer the Volkswagen T6 Transporter van is quite simple, we think that no matter how good your conversion and build quality, if the original donor vehicle is of poor standard you won’t end up with a great campervan! The VW Transporter is generally considered to be one of the best and most reliable panel vans manufactured today, so when you balance the purchase cost against engineering & build quality, it’s a clear winner.

The core values here at Redline Campervan Conversions stem from our aspiration to create a high-quality product coupled with award-winning customer service which combined has made Redline the ultimate British built campervan brand. Furthermore, all Redline Conversions are built in an ISO accredited factory, and whether you choose a brand-new Transporter T6 or opt to convert an older VW T5 or T6, you can be sure that our design team is on hand to guide you through the whole design process.


All camper van furniture and fittings are designed and built by our very own skilled craftsmen, using the latest CNC machinery, ensuring accuracy and a superior finish. All elements of the conversion process are done ‘In House’, including the electrical, plumbing and gas appliance installation and testing. Choose between short or long wheel-base vans, and various seating and sleeping configurations are also available, along with kitchen, flooring and upholstery options, including leather seats.

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Written by

Dave Webb

Redline Campers