Beat the Summer Heat – How to Keep Your Camper Van Cool in Summer

By Dave Webb on July 30th, 2023

Like many people, you may have wondered how to keep your camper van cool in summer. The truth is, you are not alone. 

As a leading stockist of campers, we have had our fair share of clients asking the same question. If you are a camper owner and are planning a summer road trip, it is important to know how to keep the van cool. Not only will this make the journey more comfortable, but it is far safer for children and pets depending on the destination. 

Today, we at Redline Campers want to offer practical and effective tips on keeping a camper van cool. We hope by the end of this article, you have a better understanding of how to create the perfect environment within your camper van. Continue below for more information.

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Keeping Your Camper Van Cool: An Overview

If you own this type of vehicle or have any experience renting one, it is highly important to know how to keep your camper van cool in summer. 

The summer months are when most people opt to get the most use out of their camper, as the weather is the most reliable. Summer in the UK does not come without complications though, as it can get very hot. In an enclosed space, such as in your camper, this can be problematic. This is especially true if you are planning on taking pets or children. 

The good news is, creating optimal temperatures in your camper, even in hotter climates, is fairly straightforward and achievable. What’s more, it can be cost effective. All it requires is a bit of foresight and planning. 

Continue below where we explore some practical tips on how to keep the inside of your camper cool. 

Top Tips Explored 

  • Choose the Correct Parking Spot

The first thing you can do, and possibly the easiest, if you are trying to maintain a cool camper is to pick your parking spot wisely. 

If you are planning a summer trip in your camper van, you may be looking to stay in various campsites or designated areas.

When you arrive, searching for a spot that is shaded during the day will pay dividends. Not only will this ensure your camper is cool, but it will also ensure no additional money is spent on mobile air conditioning units. 

Try to find shade wherever you go. It is a cost effective way for anyone intent on keeping their camper cool.

  • Take Advantage of Ventilation 

Another thing to consider is how integral ventilation is in creating an optimal internal temperature. It may sound obvious, but taking advantage of doors, windows and sunroofs will help to circulate air. In turn, you are helping to expel hot air. 

  • Sun Reflective Items and Shade Structures 

Both of these are well worth exploring if you are planning a summer trip. Shade structures, such as gazebos, can be fantastic if you cannot source a space that provides natural shade. In scorching temperatures, this can be highly practical. 

Additionally, sun reflective items are well worth exploring for reducing internal temperatures. Examples include reflective window coverings and thermal curtains, which both help to deflect rays that would otherwise cause temperature spikes.  

  • Dedicated Technology

If you are an experienced camper, you may have a generator. For longer trips or for those that miss home comforts, a generator can be a fantastic investment. 

If you have one, you always have the option to explore dedicated air conditioning units. There are a number of manufacturers on the market which sell specialised units for campers. 

Failing that, a common household fan can be a worthwhile investment. It is unlikely to regulate the temperature as well as an air conditioner, but it is still beneficial if you are attempting to control the temperature. 

  • Pack Water and Dress Appropriately 

This tip will not necessarily keep your camper cool, but it is worth abiding by if you are struggling. 

In some scenarios, temperature control is impossible. If you are travelling in the summer, especially with children and/ or pets, it is important to pack plenty of water and wear breathable, lightweight clothing. 

Being dehydrated and wearing inappropriate clothing is a quick way to accentuate the heat. Moreover, it is easily avoided. 

Premium Campers Available at Redline Campers

We hope you enjoyed the following article and now have a better idea of how to create the optimal camper environment in summer. 

In addition to this article, we have a wealth of information and resources in our blog sectioning. This is aimed at helping you, the reader, to get the most out of your camper van. Our article on camper van essentials, for example, is another useful read if you are planning a summer trip. 

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