Using a RIB 112 Campervan Bed

In this short guide, we will assist you in using the fixed RIB 112 campervan seat/bed.

This is undertaken in a number of short steps, which we have summarised in the following points:

  • To start off with, you will need to fold out the seats. This is done by using the handle to the side of the seats
  • The next step is to lift up the seats and fold them out. The seats can then be fixed in any position from upright seating to the flat bed position
  • To fold out the back section of the seating, you will need to lift up the bar underneath and drop the back section down
  • The final section of the seating is then folded down by using the handle to the right. Pressing this handle allows you to manoeuvre the seating into any position

Completing the above steps allows you to fold the seating into the completely flat position, which converts the RIB 112 campervan seats/bed from travelling rear passenger seats into a double bed.

To see these steps in further detail, watch the useful video we have created about the process involved in using the RIB 112 bed correctly.

Folding out the RIB 112 campervan seats from travelling seats to a double bed (WATCH)

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