Which Campervan Bed is Best – RIB, Reimo or Rock’N’Roll?

There are all kinds of campervan beds available on the market and at a range of different price points. At Redline Campers, we fit RIB beds into all of our campervan conversions and there are a number of reasons why.

To help you understand our reasons for installing these beds, we have compared the pros and cons of RIB beds and two of the other most commonly installed beds into campervans, Reimo and Rock’N’Roll beds. You will find these pros and cons below.

When it comes to other campervan converters, you will often find their choice of campervan beds come down to cost and availability of the product. At Redline Campers, we have an excellent supplier relationship and are committed to creating premium campervans, hence why we always choose to use RIB beds.

To help you understand better, here are our pros and cons of RIB, Rock’n’Roll, and Reimo beds.

RIB Beds


  • One of the most popular bed systems on the market
  • One of the most flexible bed systems on the market
  • Designed so that you sleep on the back and sit on the front for even wear of both sides
  • Available in two seater and three seater variants
  • Features adjustable headrests
  • Features the ability to fold the back down to use as a parcel shelf
  • Includes a multi-position backrest when used as a bed
  • Features ISOFIX for safer and easier fitting of child car seats
  • Features the ability to slide backwards and forwards by approx. 20cm


  • More expensive than a Rock ‘N’ Roll bed.

Rock’N’Roll Beds


  • Easy to use
  • Often cheaper than RIB beds and Reimo beds


  • A generic bed type rather than a branded product like RIB beds and Reimo beds
  • You sleep on the same side as you sit, meaning it is subjected to more wear and tear
  • No option for ISOFIX
  • Only offers a fixed up or down position, with no options for in between

Reimo Beds


  • Can be moved into multiple positions due to it being installed into sliding floor rails. This makes it ideal for those who want a van for work and a campervan at other times
  • Designed so that you sleep on the back and sit on the front for even wear of both sides
  • Comes with three belted seats
  • Features moveable headrests


  • No adjustable backrest
  • Much more expensive than RIB and Rock’N’Roll beds

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