What are the differences between a VW Transporter T28, T30 and T32?

T28, T30 and T32 are the terms used by VW to indicate the maximum load that can be carried in each VW Transporter model. The number following the T denotes the max weight of the vehicle.

The maximum loads that can be carried by the T28, T30 and T32 are as follows:

T28 – T28 refers to 2.8 tonnes. This means the T28 has a maximum gross weight of 2.8 tonnes or 2,800kg

T30 – T30 refers to 3.0 tonnes. This means the T30 has a maximum gross weight of 3.0 tonnes or 3,000kg

T32 – T32 refers to 3.2 tonnes. This means the T32 has a maximum gross weight of 3.2 tonnes or 3,2000kg

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